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IFC related research and software development are carried out at CRC for Construction Innovation Australia


LCADesign (Life Cycle Analysis of Design) provides an analysis on environmental impact of commercial buildings by providing detailed environmental measures for different materials, products and designs, automatically from their 3D CAD drawings.

LCADesign imports IFC files only for life cycle analysis of design.

Main functionalities of LCADesign include:

  • Automated environmental assessment from object-oriented 3D CAD drawings
  • Choice of environmental impact and performance measures
  • Detailed design evaluation
  • Comparative ratings of environmental impacts of alternatives at all levels of design analysis
  • Comprehensive graphical and tabular outputs

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Automated Estimator

Automated Estimator provides automated quantity take-off and cost estimation from object-oriented 3D CAD drawings. The Viewer software, developed to complement the program, enables the two way correlation between building components and items in the Bill of Quantities (BoQ).

Automated Estimator imports IFC files only for quantity take-off and cost estimation.

Main functionalities of Automated Estimator include:

  • Automated quantity take-off and cost estimation from object-oriented 3D building models
  • Quantity take-off and cost estimation functions have been provided for the following trades: reinforced concrete, post tensioning, formwork, masonry and structural steelwork
  • A 3D model viewer that allows building components in the estimation report to be highlighted in the 3D model viewer, and also allows users to select building components in the 3D model viewer and then request the relevant items be shown in the estimation report
  • A Rule Editor allows users to define estimating rules or modify existing estimating rules to suit the internal processes used by an organization
  • An Audit Report allows users to analyse the breakdown of items in the Bill of Quantities
  • The estimation results can be exported to various formats for importation into other applications
  • User control of various database configuration options

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DesignCheck provides automated checking of designs against building codes. The first implementation is the Disabled Assess Code (Australia).

DesignCheck imports IFC files only for building code compliance checking.

Main functionalities of DesignCheck include:

  • Allows checking at various stages – sketch design, detailed design and specification
  • Allows checking of design by building code clauses
  • Allows checking of design by building object type (e.g. spaces, doors, accessible paths)
  • Provides a friendly and interactive reporting system
  • Allows input of alternative solutions, specifications and comments

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