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IFC - Industry Foundation Classes

The Industry Foundation Classes IFC specification is a neutral data format to describe, exchange and share information typically used within the building and facility management industry sector. IFC is the international standard for openBIM and with IFC4 an ISO standard (ISO 16739).

The IFC specification is developed and maintained by buildingSMART International, bSI. The official website to publish IFC and related specifications is technical.buildingsmart.org. buildingSMART International also organizes the official IFC certification program; Software Certification Summery can be found technical.buildingsmart.org/certification.

The IfcWiki is an open portal to publish and share information about IFC, it is not an official site of buildingSMART International. However the bSI acknowledges the importance of an open knowledge base around its products, such as IFC, and supports this initiative.

IFC for Buildings - IFC for Bridges (IfcBridge) - IFC for Roads (IfcRoad) - IFC for (IfcRail)

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IfcWiki is an open portal for all kind of information around IFC. Good authors are always welcome, the first steps are very easy! Don't hesitate to login (please use a proper name) and add, correct, and modify the pages. All matters are subject to GNU Free Documentation Licence.

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As buildingSMART International is an international organisation and IFC is an international standard authors are kindly asked to contribute articles in English. However external references may include information and documents provided in different languages.

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Related Initiatives
CityGML - City Geographic Markup Language - The CityGML specification is a neutral data model to describe, exchange and share information typically used within geospatial sector. More information can be found in the CityGML Wiki.
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