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A complete or a partial IFC model can be exported into VRML 1.0 or 2.0 by using the IfcViewer ( or see Free Software).

Export Workflow

  • select "File-->Export As-->VRML 1 (single file) or VRML 1 (multiple file) or ..."
  • For partial export select an entity in the project structure and use the context menu
  • confirm or change the file name or in case of multiple file the directory name
  • confirm input by pressing ok

Export Options

  • VRML 1.0 or VRML 2.0
  • single VRML file
  • multiple VRML files linked by "inlines" which represent the building structure

Export Results

  • One VRML file or a set of VRML files (e.g. Project.wrl, Building.wrl etc.)
  • Standard views are exported (Front, top etc.)
  • colors are preserved
  • Level of detail is exported (accurate geometry and bounding box)