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BIM and IFC with Nemetschek Allplan

Allplan from Nemetschek supports the IFC 1.5.1, IFC2x and also IFC 2x3. The new IFC 2x3 Interface has been certified by the IAI in March 2007.

In the Eighties, Nemetschek AG pioneered the object-oriented building model (BIM) in the construction industry. This approach is based on models of objects describing buildings, which are linked by topological structures and whose different properties are described by attributes. In addition to the actual geometry, other aspects such as physical and structural element properties as well as management information such as costs can be managed. Being intelligent, these objects, which are known as “parameterized“ objects, inherently convey information on their behavior. For example, they automatically adapt to the scale. To harness the advantages provided by using these “intelligent” building elements – that is, their inherent information described by properties and attributes – in the entire building process, Nemetschek AG has developed an appropriate object-oriented in-terface known as Nemetschek Object Interface (NOI). These object-oriented developments are able to revolutionize the future of the construction industry by providing a seamless IT connection to downstream applications such as programs for tendering, ordering and billing, which have access to the intelligent, objectrelated data provided by the building model.

Although the internal interfaces provided by Nemetschek’s product portfolio are very sophisticated, Nemetschek AG is still not satisfied and thus one step ahead. By standardizing these interfaces, integration into existing customerspecific IT environments is to be facilitated considerably in future. The aim is to provide integrated, customerspecific solutions, taking into account existing software applications.

To ensure “intelligent” data exchange to other CAD systems like VectorWorks or ArchiCAD and other applications such as tender-ing, ordering and billing programs, high demands are made on this data exchange standard. Nemetschek AG therefore focuses on refining the IFC standard, which also supports an object-oriented representation of buildings based on the Building Information Model (BIM.

Nemetschek thus cooperates with the IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability) in order to improve the entire model and optimize the mapping of construction-specific processes such as quantity takeoff operations based on graphics, costing, facility management, HVAC and engineering. Also the integration of intelligent catalog data via IFC helps to improve the process of integrated cost man-gement. The aim is to cover the entire life cycle management of buildings.

Microsite on Nemetschek.com: IFC with Allplan

- The IFC-interface in Allplan is already included in the basic modul and so it is available
for all Allplan-Users.

- Nemetschek offers a free 3D IFC-viewer Download >>'

- Visit IFC Forum for support