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A VDI 3805 model can be exported into IFC by using the ETU VDI 3805 Navigator.

Export Workflow

  • select a product in the VDI 3805 Navigator
  • display the product in the 3D Viewer
  • select the export menue in the context menue
  • select IFC 2x3 (STEP physical file) or ifcXML 2x2 (XML file)
  • enter a new file name or confirm the proposed file name

Export Results

  • VDI 3805 elements are converted into corresponding IFC entities
  • VDI 3805 properties are converted into the IFC property set Pset_VDI3805
  • Colors from VDI 3805 are converted into IfcSurfaceStyle
  • VDI 3805 connection information is converted into IfcDistributionPort

IFC model imported into Bentley Architecture V8


IFC model imported into GraphiSoft ArchiCAD 11


IFC model imported into Nemetschek Allplan 2008

Examples of converted models can be found here