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The IFC properties (PropertySet) don't appear in the Object-Properties, but in IFC Project-Tree.

Then you pursue the operation plan:

  • In the menu Options (Optionen) -> Work Environment (Arbeitsumgebung) choose the Werkzeug Dialogfenster (tool dialog window)
  • In the middle table column choose the appropriate element (e.g. Wand (wall).
  • In the right table column switch on the appropriate IFC version (e.g. Ifc 2x).
  • Advice: 'IFC 2.0' is presently preset in ArchiCAD 9.

Important: Install the IFC interface from download page and restart ArchiCAD before you make settings.

Environment Properties ArchiCAD9-1.jpg
Menu to make IFC properties available in the ArchiCAD property window