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Example IFC files are helpful for both developers and users of interoperable software. There are simple test cases, small IFC examples dedicated to development, and whole building and even city models, where users can explore the information typically captured in IFC datasets.


  • buildingSMART alliance

Common Building Information Model Files --> Download

  • buildingSMART Modeling Support Group (MSG)

commented mini Example to introduce into the IFC exchange structure --> read and download

  • Schependomlaan

Huge set of BIM data published under Creative Commons. Including native ArchiCAD model, IFC extract, IFC from suppliers, pointclouds, schedules (in excel and in IFC with Synchro), construction log files, drone videos, BCF issues, etc --> Download

  • Karlsruhe Institute for Technology / Institute for Applied Computer Science / Campus North

KIT IFC Examples

  • German speaking IAI chapter

A three story detached house modelled in five big CAAD systems - original data files and exported IFC files are available --> Download

  • Selvaag Gruppen & DDS (Data Design System)

Building model of the Munkerud house --> Download

  • Statsbygg (The Norwegian Agency of Public Construction an Property)

Building models of the Tromso University College (HITOS) --> Download

  • Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.

"BIM in Practice" D.C. Riverside Office Building --> Download

  • Geometry Gym Pty Ltd.

IFC Examples and Samples generated by Rhino3d and Grasshopper3d plugin --> Download