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While importing an IFC model, ADT creates for each storey a new DWG file which is connected to the building via X-REF. The more storeys in the building, the more X-REFs are created. When creating a new XREF, ADT is each time allocating 20 MB memory, which is only freed when saving and closing the main drawing. When reloading the drawing, the memory overhead is gone.

Tip: Import models with many storeys and save the file.
     Close ADT and reload the saved model file (DWG).

While importing, a model with 26 storeys produces 27 DWG files (1 DWG for building and 26 DWGs for storeys). ADT 2005 needs appr. 1.1 GB memory for importing the IFC models (wireframe). If the model is saved after importing and reloaded, ADT 2005 will need only 620 MB memory.